Old Greeting Cards

I discovered some old friends the other day in the attic. The attic would be an unlikely place to find actual people, but these were treasures given to me by many old friends and assorted members of the family – greeting cards. I used to store my cards, like I imagine many people do, in old chocolate boxes and biscuit tins and some years ago had put these into an old suitcase and stored them in the attic. Finding and re-reading these greeting cards has been rather like receiving the greeting all over again from that well-meaning and much loved sender and I have spent a lovely afternoon drinking tea and opening my cards all over again.

The point of the card was usually rather brief: “To dear Rosie, With fond love and best wishes on your birthday, From Aunty and Uncle”. The card itself would often include a verse or two, much as cards do these days, such as “Here’s hoping your Birthday treats you right, That the days to come will be happy and bright, And that everything specially glad and good, Will come to you, as it should”. The pictures on the cards are simply delightful and trigger such memories. The written greetings, penned long ago now, bring to mind the faces of the senders. All in all, this has been a lovely trip down Memory Lane.

Best wishes,

Mrs Bath

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Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

I am so excited… my Etsy shop is open and already I have had a couple of sales! Eloise has been busy helping me list some treasures in my store and people from around the world are looking at them even now. I’m not normally the type of person who is inclined to boast but I do think my store looks lovely. A shopper’s initial impression comes solely from the photographs of each item and Eloise has done a marvelous job with her camera.
You may notice I have added another page to my blog. I don’t want write exclusively about my shop in my blog posts so the new page called “Mrs Bath’s Etsy Shop” is where I will put some pictures of the treasures in my store. I am still learning how to link the photos back to Etsy but I should have that figured out soon. There is still so much to learn. I feel like a young school girl again but this time I am not writing my lessons on a slate tablet with a piece of chalk!
I think I will, however, show you a few pictures of the Mother Goose nursery rhymes that were in some of my childhood books. I think it is wonderful that these old pages are coming to life again and other people can use them to decorate their nursery walls.
I will write again soon,
Best wishes,
Mrs Bath

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Eloise’s Photos for Mrs Bath on Etsy

Eloise has done a wonderful job fixing up the old potting shed and turning it into her studio. Once she had sorted out all the old pots, tools and whatnots, she gave the old place a thorough scrub, cleaned the windows, sealed up the cracks and gaps, then gave the inside a new coat of fresh white paint. It looks transformed! She moved the potting bench to one side of the shed and replaced the pots, tools and packets of seed that are still useful. On the other side she now as a photography space with a white backdrop, a couple of spotlights and a special photo tent that she has bought from Amazon. It is so convenient to be able to shop online.
Since then, Eloise has been busy taking photos of the things that we have chosen to go into my shop. I will ask Eloise to show me how to add some photos to this blog post. I do hope I am using the correct terminology – it can be quite tricky trying to remember all these new words! I am very proud of Eloise’s photos. She takes such great care to ensure the lighting and colours are right in each image. How she has the patience for it I will never know, but she seems to love it!
Oh, here are some pictures to show you now:

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Don’t they look pretty? I am looking forward to opening my shop and showing you some more treasures.
With best wishes,
Mrs Bath

Treasures and Collections

Eloise and I have had a lovely time lately going through all of my chests of drawers. I have always been a collector you see, and over the years I seem to have acquired many beautiful treasures. I particularly love handmade textiles – lace making and embroidery in particular, as well as all the notions that go along with those crafts – thread, beads, buttons, trimmings and so on.
I seem to have drawers overflowing with beautiful treasures and then, just when Eloise and I were beginning to wonder what we should do with all of these lovely handmade textiles and bitsamabobs, we came across some drawers in the attic full of children’s story books that my mother use to read to me and some others that I had read to my lovely Pamela, Eloise’s grandmother, when she was little. Books have such memories attached to them, don’t they? Especially children’s picture books. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think that is very true.
So, Eloise and I have come up with a plan. We are going to open a shop!
Some people might think that a lady in her nineties opening up a shop is a foolish idea. I must confess that when Eloise first said that I have “a collection of things big enough to stock a shop”, that the idea of actually opening a shop didn’t occur to us at first. Then, while we were having tea one afternoon surrounded by piles of lace, linen and books, Eloise showed me Etsy on her laptop. I didn’t know such a place could exist – all these wonderfully clever people selling all kinds of handmade and vintage treasures as well as many, many supplies for making things. What an Aladdin’s Cave!
Eloise suggested that if I wanted to reduce the size of my collections, some of my treasures could be sold to people from all over the world who would love them as much as I do through Etsy. She could take the photos and help me with setting up and managing the shop, and I would enjoy telling stories about the various things and interacting via messages with the people who will visit my shop. The more I thought about this idea, the more excited I became about it! So I said to Eloise, “let’s do it!”
Now, Eloise and I are so busy! Eloise has begun clearing out the old potting shed in the garden to use as a studio. She said once it is cleaned up and repainted, it would make a wonderful photography studio. Eloise has always been very good at taking photos and I always thought she should have become a photographer instead of studying Animal Husbandry (I blame Edgar for that since he was a farmer, even though he died long before Eloise was born). I have been going through my collections and sorting out which treasures to sell, which ones to keep for now, and which ones will remain in the family. Eloise and I went shopping yesterday to purchase packaging supplies and we are spending quite a bit of time looking at Etsy and reading their Seller’s Handbook.
Who would have thought that in my nineties I would open a shop and have so much fun in the process? I will keep you updated on our progress.
Best wishes,
Mrs Bath

My first blog post

I once heard someone say that she was “too old to learn about computers”. I have always lived my life with the philosophy that you are never too old to learn something new if the interest is there. Both my mother and my father had this attitude and they lived very long lives, full of various achievements.
I myself am not young. I am in my 90’s, though a lady should never reveal her true age, don’t you agree? Today, I am learning how to post my first blog. It was my great-granddaughter’s, Eloise’s, idea that I should write a blog. I think ‘blog’ is a very strange word but one must stay modern.
Eloise has recently come to live with me. It had been suggested that I might need a companion since my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and sometimes I find people simply don’t speak clearly. However, since Eloise recently had surgery, I thought it would be lovely to have her stay here while she recovers and we could look after each other for a bit. Not that I can’t manage on my own you must realise, but she is such a lovely girl and we have always understood each other – except for her choice of career but that is altogether another story.
Why, you might ask, did Eloise suggest I write a blog? Well, I didn’t think anyone would really care to listen to an elderly lady ramble on but Eloise had a very different point of view. “Rosie,” she said, “there are many people would love to hear your stories about your life. You have seen and done so much. You also have a way of saying what you think and how feel about things and most people could do with a little bit of ‘Rosie’s wisdom’ in their lives.” Wasn’t that lovely? So, I decided I would try writing a blog about happenings in my life as they come to mind. I just hope people won’t find it too dull.
Eloise set up her laptop on my old writing desk and has shown me how to turn it on, use the internet and a few other essential things. Long ago I did a typing course and my fingers seem to remember where all the letter keys are, even after all this time. Laptop keyboards make a surprisingly soothing tap-tap noise, not at all like the noisy clatter of my old typewriter. Eloise also said short, frequent posts are the best way to blog so I think I had better stop for now. Plus, it is time for morning tea. I shall write again soon.
Best wishes,
Mrs Bath