Old Greeting Cards

I discovered some old friends the other day in the attic. The attic would be an unlikely place to find actual people, but these were treasures given to me by many old friends and assorted members of the family – greeting cards. I used to store my cards, like I imagine many people do, in old chocolate boxes and biscuit tins and some years ago had put these into an old suitcase and stored them in the attic. Finding and re-reading these greeting cards has been rather like receiving the greeting all over again from that well-meaning and much loved sender and I have spent a lovely afternoon drinking tea and opening my cards all over again.

The point of the card was usually rather brief: “To dear Rosie, With fond love and best wishes on your birthday, From Aunty and Uncle”. The card itself would often include a verse or two, much as cards do these days, such as “Here’s hoping your Birthday treats you right, That the days to come will be happy and bright, And that everything specially glad and good, Will come to you, as it should”. The pictures on the cards are simply delightful and trigger such memories. The written greetings, penned long ago now, bring to mind the faces of the senders. All in all, this has been a lovely trip down Memory Lane.

Best wishes,

Mrs Bath

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