Eloise’s Photos for Mrs Bath on Etsy

Eloise has done a wonderful job fixing up the old potting shed and turning it into her studio. Once she had sorted out all the old pots, tools and whatnots, she gave the old place a thorough scrub, cleaned the windows, sealed up the cracks and gaps, then gave the inside a new coat of fresh white paint. It looks transformed! She moved the potting bench to one side of the shed and replaced the pots, tools and packets of seed that are still useful. On the other side she now as a photography space with a white backdrop, a couple of spotlights and a special photo tent that she has bought from Amazon. It is so convenient to be able to shop online.
Since then, Eloise has been busy taking photos of the things that we have chosen to go into my shop. I will ask Eloise to show me how to add some photos to this blog post. I do hope I am using the correct terminology – it can be quite tricky trying to remember all these new words! I am very proud of Eloise’s photos. She takes such great care to ensure the lighting and colours are right in each image. How she has the patience for it I will never know, but she seems to love it!
Oh, here are some pictures to show you now:

Click here to see all doilies and table linen available in Mrs Bath’s Etsy Shop

Don’t they look pretty? I am looking forward to opening my shop and showing you some more treasures.
With best wishes,
Mrs Bath


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