Treasures and Collections

Eloise and I have had a lovely time lately going through all of my chests of drawers. I have always been a collector you see, and over the years I seem to have acquired many beautiful treasures. I particularly love handmade textiles – lace making and embroidery in particular, as well as all the notions that go along with those crafts – thread, beads, buttons, trimmings and so on.
I seem to have drawers overflowing with beautiful treasures and then, just when Eloise and I were beginning to wonder what we should do with all of these lovely handmade textiles and bitsamabobs, we came across some drawers in the attic full of children’s story books that my mother use to read to me and some others that I had read to my lovely Pamela, Eloise’s grandmother, when she was little. Books have such memories attached to them, don’t they? Especially children’s picture books. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think that is very true.
So, Eloise and I have come up with a plan. We are going to open a shop!
Some people might think that a lady in her nineties opening up a shop is a foolish idea. I must confess that when Eloise first said that I have “a collection of things big enough to stock a shop”, that the idea of actually opening a shop didn’t occur to us at first. Then, while we were having tea one afternoon surrounded by piles of lace, linen and books, Eloise showed me Etsy on her laptop. I didn’t know such a place could exist – all these wonderfully clever people selling all kinds of handmade and vintage treasures as well as many, many supplies for making things. What an Aladdin’s Cave!
Eloise suggested that if I wanted to reduce the size of my collections, some of my treasures could be sold to people from all over the world who would love them as much as I do through Etsy. She could take the photos and help me with setting up and managing the shop, and I would enjoy telling stories about the various things and interacting via messages with the people who will visit my shop. The more I thought about this idea, the more excited I became about it! So I said to Eloise, “let’s do it!”
Now, Eloise and I are so busy! Eloise has begun clearing out the old potting shed in the garden to use as a studio. She said once it is cleaned up and repainted, it would make a wonderful photography studio. Eloise has always been very good at taking photos and I always thought she should have become a photographer instead of studying Animal Husbandry (I blame Edgar for that since he was a farmer, even though he died long before Eloise was born). I have been going through my collections and sorting out which treasures to sell, which ones to keep for now, and which ones will remain in the family. Eloise and I went shopping yesterday to purchase packaging supplies and we are spending quite a bit of time looking at Etsy and reading their Seller’s Handbook.
Who would have thought that in my nineties I would open a shop and have so much fun in the process? I will keep you updated on our progress.
Best wishes,
Mrs Bath


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