My first blog post

I once heard someone say that she was “too old to learn about computers”. I have always lived my life with the philosophy that you are never too old to learn something new if the interest is there. Both my mother and my father had this attitude and they lived very long lives, full of various achievements.
I myself am not young. I am in my 90’s, though a lady should never reveal her true age, don’t you agree? Today, I am learning how to post my first blog. It was my great-granddaughter’s, Eloise’s, idea that I should write a blog. I think ‘blog’ is a very strange word but one must stay modern.
Eloise has recently come to live with me. It had been suggested that I might need a companion since my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and sometimes I find people simply don’t speak clearly. However, since Eloise recently had surgery, I thought it would be lovely to have her stay here while she recovers and we could look after each other for a bit. Not that I can’t manage on my own you must realise, but she is such a lovely girl and we have always understood each other – except for her choice of career but that is altogether another story.
Why, you might ask, did Eloise suggest I write a blog? Well, I didn’t think anyone would really care to listen to an elderly lady ramble on but Eloise had a very different point of view. “Rosie,” she said, “there are many people would love to hear your stories about your life. You have seen and done so much. You also have a way of saying what you think and how feel about things and most people could do with a little bit of ‘Rosie’s wisdom’ in their lives.” Wasn’t that lovely? So, I decided I would try writing a blog about happenings in my life as they come to mind. I just hope people won’t find it too dull.
Eloise set up her laptop on my old writing desk and has shown me how to turn it on, use the internet and a few other essential things. Long ago I did a typing course and my fingers seem to remember where all the letter keys are, even after all this time. Laptop keyboards make a surprisingly soothing tap-tap noise, not at all like the noisy clatter of my old typewriter. Eloise also said short, frequent posts are the best way to blog so I think I had better stop for now. Plus, it is time for morning tea. I shall write again soon.
Best wishes,
Mrs Bath


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