Welcome to Mrs Bath’s Drawers


I am Mrs Bath. Some people might describe me as elderly, however I don’t really believe that I fit the image that goes along with that description. I will confess I am in my nineties but I feel as young as ever in my heart. I may not be quite as sprightly as I once was but fortunately we live in the modern age and there are endless gadgets and gizmos that make day to day chores less arduous. This is very lucky for me for I still live in my dear little home in a country town in Australia and still manage to do most of the things that I have always enjoyed.

The difference between a lady in her twenties and a lady in her nineties is really only experience, whether that be experience in life, love, work, with other people in general. At my age, I have accumulated quite a lot of experience – some good, some not so good; some sad, but also so many very happy experiences. My great-granddaughter, Eloise, recently came to live with me and it was her suggestion that I start to write a blog about my experiences. I wasn’t so sure at first, but Eloise can be quite persuasive when she gets and idea into her head. I am, I confess, rather proud of that attribute as I have been told I can be quite a determined lady myself. So, I allowed myself to be persuaded and here we are.

You will see at the top there is a menu and my musings can be found on the page called, as you would anticipate, “Blog”. I have also been an avid collector throughout my life you will see I also have a page called “Mrs Bath’s Etsy Shop”. Who would have thought that in my nineties I would open up my own shop, but there it is, on Etsy, and it is filled with assorted treasures. Have a browse and see what you can find – maybe something to turn into a treasure of your own.

So, read on dear friends and call in regularly. You may want to have a cup of tea in hand, as I often do while I am writing my musings.

With very best wishes,

Mrs Bath